The Synthetic Atomic Compressor, or S.A.C. for short, is a digital storage device that holds all of the items acquired throughout the game with the exception of Jade's weapons.

Other S.A.C.sEdit

Pey'j and Double H also carry S.A.C.s that Jade has limited access to, only being able to move Health Items and Keys. Jade also has access to the Hovercraft and Beluga's vehicular storage that works in the same way.

Artificial IntelligenceEdit

Jade's S.A.C. is unique among the main characters in that it has an A.I. named Secundo. Secundo can contact businesses and organizations for Jade to transfer funds when a payment needs to be made or to act as a liaison.


The S.A.C. is able to hold the following items.


Health ItemsEdit

Machines & ElectronicsEdit


Keys & PassesEdit

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